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Tenancy Agreement

INTELLIRENT provides auto-generated tenancy agreement for you and your tenant.

Payment System

INTELLIRENT was integrated with payment gateway to ease your tenants to pay you monthly rental fee.

Alert System

By setting up automatic email alert, you don't need to remind your tenants to pay you rental fee again.

Landlord-Tenant Relationship, Made Simpler for You.

Maintenance System, Properties and Tenants Document, Tenancy Agreement, Rent Collection, Rental Payment and more are just one click away.

Properties Recommendation List, Specifically Made for You.

IntelliRent provides scores for all the properties based on your chosen area. Scores are made based on ROI, Annual Appreciation, Rental Yield etc. Say goodbye to bad investment!

Numbers Don't Lie, Trust the Analytics.

Analytics with full detail of Monthly Collected and Uncollected Rentals, Tenants' Performance, Received Complaints and Monthly ROI are available to check how is your investment going.


I have been introduced to use IntelliRent's service for almost a year now. I love how their products make my property investing life easier. Definitely recommended to everyone out there.


With 10+ tenants to manage, I have been very busy and distracted from my work. Thanks to IntelliRent, managing tenants have never been easier.


Loved their services especially properties recommendation list. Now I can quickly know whether the property investment is worth the return or not, with a glance of an eye.